To be the region’s leading project management consultancy:  
¨  Customers & Partners will see us as an essential component of their success. We will foresee their needs and devote all our efforts to deliver at the out-most quality.
¨  Employees will be proud to work at HG. We will create chances to achieve the unexpected, improve capabilities and we will reward for achievements.
¨  Communities will regard as innovative and receptive. We will integrate world-leading techniques, promote sound management of resources & put all our thoughts to creating a better quality of live.   
To deliver quality and innovative engineering services to meet industry and community needs for the next decades. The focus of HG is not only to be a reputable engineering firm, but also to improve the quality of young engineers in Egypt by offering assistance, guidance, training and even grants for higher education:  
¨  Practicing regional leadership through implementing the latest and most innovative techniques in all the activities the company performs, as a means of enhancing its competitiveness, capitalizing the benefits in relation to its clients and steadily attracting talent to the organization itself.
¨  Continuously contributing to sustainable development by improving capabilities of the company’s stakeholders through various services to ensure a safe and healthy environment for its employees, clients and the wider public.  
With a family heritage of over 50 years, HG will continue to expand and grow guided with firm values:  
¨  Ethics – Integrity, honesty and fairness are the soul of our company
¨  Quality – we always apply innovative and advanced technology, and set high standards constantly challenging ourselves.
¨  Personal Development – We owe it to our employees to continuously enhance their performance, award their success and treat them as part of the family.
¨  Sustainability – Serving our society to enhance the way of life, creating the best values for our clients, partners & our world.