HG commits itself to its projects. Its commitment does not only cover quality, cost optimization, and/or meeting project’s milestones, but also covers the moral standards in dealing with clients. HG tries to represent its clients objectively and build long-term relationships with them rather than a temporary short-term and quick profit policy.   HG has an optimum goal of fulfilling and satisfying the client in all his/her needs. HG also illustrates and clarifies the different options and opportunities and recommends the required actions for its clients to maximize the return on their investments. HG is proud of its impeccable track record of past experience and of having a high percentage of repeat-business clients.

Our Services in construction engineering include: design of civil works, site supervision and inspection, complete design of projects, repair and rehabilitation, feasibility studies, evaluation and analysis of organizations, project management and administration. HG 
encompasses six main departments: Design, Supervision, Project Management, Research and Development, Organization Development and Financial & Human Resources. A new department for Environmental Engineering is currently under development.
The current HG Team
members have also expertise in other areas such as: risk analysis, optimization techniques, ISO 9000, safety, total quality management,  prefabricated buildings and advanced structural design & analysis.